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Offerta Vacanza Lunga


Offerta Vacanza Lunga

OFFERTA VACANZA LUNGA Min. 14 notti, -15% Sconto del 15% prenotando una vacanza di almeno 14 giorni.Offerta valida in tutti i periodi anche ad Agosto!!! Risparmio assicurato!!!

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The Arcobaleno Resort is a residential complex consisting of 30 apartments, situated in Capo Vaticano (Calabria). It is located in a panoramic position and offers magnificent views of the Aeolian Islands.


Capo Vaticano is one of the most beautiful places of the Costa degli Dei, is located along the west coast of the Tirreno sea that starts from Pizzo Calabro and ends at Nicotera. The coast has unique landscapes, crystal clear waters that turn from dark blue to turquoise , long white sandy beaches, hidden coves and stunningly beautiful sunsets. The Resort is located just few minutes from the Lighthouse of Capo Vaticano and Belvedere, from here you can have breathtaking view of the pristine bays of Grotticelle and Praia di Fuoco.


Beautifully surrounded by a beautiful garden, the Residence offers a peaceful environment away from every noise. Ideal for a holiday of relax and peace for your soul.


The village has a modern photovoltaic power for the entire structure that uses the sun's energy, characterized by the advanced technology with the utmost respect for the landscape.


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