Here we drink to remember something really special  or forget everything

The project to give life to the Arcobaleno Cocktail Bar was born from the idea of ​​Chef Patron Gabriele Giuliano, to tell, through the art of taste and hospitality, the profound bond with his land and the sea of ​​Capo Vaticano, and the profound feelings towards the people closest to him. In a world that catapults us into a frenetic loop, in which constant tension blunts the impulses of the intellect and exhausts the spirit, the Arcobaleno Cocktail Bar immersed in its garden opens like the curtain of a theater that brings the lightness of knowing how to live.

On stage, the guests; accompanied by the persuasive notes of welcoming music, they sip a good drink and enjoy a refined music, born from a slow thought that mixes flavors and smells in an ever new and surprising way. The backdrop of the scene is the sunset – the moment par excellence of the most intimate reflections and daydreams – on the horizon the Aeolian islands and the slow descent of the sun until it sets on the sea next to Stromboli or, almost, in its crater between 11 and 14 August.

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