Be surprised by this unique experience and discover the crystalline sea of Capo Vaticano.

days at the sea in full freedom discovering the hidden coves of Praia i Focu. The Arcobaleno Resort offers its customers a transport service to the most famous beaches along the coast, as well as to the most sought-after destinations such as Tropea or Scilla.

Discover a unique beauty in the world

The Sea where the Myths are born is what they call the "Coast of the Gods.

The Most Famous Places

Ask directly at the facility what the most popular trips and excursions are.

Lose yourself in the alleys of the villages of mythological places, beaches with crystal clear waters, experiences such as sunsets on the Aeolian Islands... a magical Calabria to discover. Discover all the most exciting experiences.


Candidates to become UNESCO heritage sites, the sunsets over the Aeolian Islands, and the sunset show over Stromboli, are unmissable.

According to the Venetian writer Giuseppe Berto, who was almost adopted locally, the origin of Capo Vaticano's name lies in ancient myths and legends. The Aeolian god of the Aeolian Islands, Hephaestus on Mount Etna, are just some of the mythological references that ancient oracles venerated overlooking the headland. The Sibyl Manto says he dwelt in the rock not far from the Cape called Mantineo.

A Snorkelling Paradise

According to National Geographic, the beach of Riaci Bay is the best in Italy for snorkelling. Great recognition for a wonderful sea from Nicotera to Pizzo Calabro, the Coast of the Gods. Grotticelle, Praia i Focu, the Paradise of the Sub, what are you waiting for to dive into an unforgettable sea!

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